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Online eszközök

  • WordSmith Tools by Mike Scott (A set of tools for text analysis. Includes a wordlister, a concordancer, a keyword analyzer and more. Distributed by Oxford University Press) 
  • Microconcord (DOS version of WS Tools  concordancer)
  • TextSTAT - Free concordance software for Windows and Linux
  • ConcApp concordancing programs (Freeware)
  • Concordance (Wordlists, concordances. For publishing concordances on the WEB. By R.J.C. Watt)
  • Corpus Concordance Sampler

  • Monoconc (Concordancer by M. Barlow, distributed by Athelstan)
  • Paraconc (Concordancer for parallel texts, by M. Barlow)
  • Multiconcord (Concordancer for parallel texts, by David Wools)
  • PWA- The Plug Word Aligner A collection of tools for the automatic alignment of word correspondences in bilingual parallel texts
  • LEXA Corpus Processing Software distributed by ICAME.

  • DBT (Corpus Processing Software developed by Eugenio Picchi at the  Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale del CNR in Pisa).
  • TactWEB (Corpus Processing Software developed by John Bradley and Lidio Presutti, University of Toronto.
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